¡Sufre, mamón!

¡Sufre, mamón!

¡Sufre, mamón!

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1h 37m 1987 HD

Guarda ¡Sufre, mamón! Film Completo Online. David, Javier, Dani and Pepe are four friends expelled from a religious school who must join the discipline of a mixed center. His passion for music leads them to create the group Los Residuos, facing Rocky Lacoste, the idol of the new school. In addition to singing in the rival group Yellow Fever, Lacoste also conquers Patty, David's girlfriend. At the end of his irregular career, Manuel Summers directed this musical taking advantage of the enormous success among the youthful public of the group of pop Men G, led by his son David.

¡Sufre, mamón! (1987)
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